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1,640 stems remaining

Festiva Maxima

Noticeably fragrant, white blooms with red drizzled throughout the center is the highlight of this reliable bloomer. 

13,220 Stems Remaining

Madame Emile

Spectacular, salmon pink, rose-shaped, double blooms are displayed on the bold, erect stems of this showy selection. 

5,400 Stems Remaining

Karl Rosenfield

The classic double red peony, the Karl Rosenfield is an early-season bloomer that produces huge, deep red blooms that are showstoppers in the garden and in bouquets.

3,880 Stems Remaining

General MacMahon

A classic nineteenth century peony from France and sports large, voluptuous double crimson red blooms against dark green foliage.

7,260 Stems Remaining


Upright, bushy, herbaceous perennial with dark grey-green leaves divided into nine elliptic or lance-shaped leaflets turning crimson in autumn.  

840 Stems Remaining

Prairie Charm

Slightly fragrant Prairie Charm features medium-sized, semi-double, buttery yellow flowers, packed with 20-30 petals.

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