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Directions to St. John Peony Farm

Please do not come to the farm without booking an appointment. We do this to ensure adequate parking space is available for each of our guests and to respect our neighbors. 
The location of St. John Peony Farm is 1813 Glenville Rd, Havre De Grace, MD 21078. Please use Google maps as well as the information below to arrive at the property. 

From Harmony Church Road:

From Harmony Church Road.PNG
If you are coming from Harmony Church road please make sure to turn into the third driveway on your left where you see the yellow arrow in the picture above.

Please DO NOT use the first or second driveway (designated by the red crosses shown in this picture.) These are entries to the private driveways of our neighbors and do NOT take you to St. John’s Peony Farm.

Thank you for your cooperation.

From Deths Ford Road:

From Deths Ford Road.PNG
If you are arriving from Deths Ford Road, take a sharp right-hand turn after you see a yellow "Road Narrows" sign. If you make it to the Glenville Drive entrance, you've gone too far. Please DO NOT use the Glenville Drive entrance as it is a private neighbor driveway. 

After entering the driveway off of Glenville road: 

While on the driveway updated.png
After turning off of Glenville Road continue driving forward. Keep left as the road driveway splits. You should begin to see the peony bloom. Continue driving until you reach the parking area. Park where space is available. In the event no more parking spots are available, you will be directed. 
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