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Photography Pass
2023 Season

There are two options for professional photographers interested in shooting at St. John Peony Farm, both of which are explained below. Please also take a moment to read our photographer guidelines outlined at the bottom of this page.

Option 1: Buy a 2023 photography pass 

$300: Entire 2023 season

The 2023 photography pass is available at the cost of $300 per photographer and lasts the entire season. When you purchase the photography pass, your own entry will be covered, so only your client will be required to pay for their visit. In addition to covering the cost of your own entry, the photography pass includes the following perks: 

  • Photography Directory: Each year, the most common question we get is, "where do I go if I want really amazing photos with the flowers?" Our photography directory helps our visitors get in touch with the professionals that can help. After purchasing a photography pass, you will be featured on the directory for the entire 2023 season. 

  • Dedicated Parking: This year, we've set aside dedicated parking spots for photographers adjacent to the lower fields, which means easier access during your shoots. 

  • Special Shooting Hours: Some of the most dynamic photos come at the strangest times. After purchasing the photography pass, you'll be able to shoot outside of our normal business hours (early AM being a top favorite for capturing beautiful shots of the dew over the field).  

  • Prop/Equipment storage: This year, we've made a special space where photographers who have purchased the 2023 pass can safely store props and bulky equipment. 

Option 2: Pay for individual visits 

$35 (pre-bloom) /$45 (after-bloom) per vehicle 
If you don't think you'll do enough shoots to cover the cost of the photography pass, you can always purchase each visit individually. At St. John Peony Farm, we charge per vehicle, so if you're doing a shoot with a client, you can either drive and park together or purchase two visit slots (one for your own vehicle and the other for your client).

Photography guidelines 

  • Our Pricing: At St. John Peony Farm, we charge per vehicle, so unless you are arriving in the same car as your client, you will need to pay individually. The best way around this and to support the farm is to purchase a photography pass. 

  • Your Pricing: In the past, photographers hosting shoots at our fields have priced their services at $75-$150 for a 30-minute shoot. We place no restrictions on how you price your services and take no additional fees. 

  • Private Fields: Keep in mind that there will likely be other guests in the fields at similar times to when you are shooting. With that being said, the fields are quite large, and in the past, photographers have not had issues creating the feeling of an empty field. 

  • Refunds: As a small farm, every dollar counts, so we try to avoid giving refunds whenever possible. We are happy to transfer visits within the season, subject to availability at any date or time. Just reach out, and we'll be happy to help! 

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